our promise

Friends, the planet needs an assist

At JOYÀ, we strive to leave a minimal environmental footprint and be a leader in sustainability. In fact, doing the right thing for our communal home is as important to us as taking care of our own bodies.

That's why we’re committed to sourcing from responsible growers and producers, minimizing waste with a truly sustainable packaging solution, and removing more plastic from the ecosystem than our products contribute. 

Because joy should come with a clean conscience. 

we're plastic negative

One for One Impact Guarantee

The amount of plastic waste generated daily by industry is devastating. To solve this problem on a global scale, we need to empower waste innovators in developing countries that have been forced to take on waste generated in North America — far more waste than they can manage.

That's why we've partnered with rePurpose Global to fund the collection and recycling of ONE POUND of ocean-bound plastic waste for every product purchased in our e-shop.

Find out more about our exciting partnership with rePurpose here.

JOYÀ's One for One Impact Guarantee program with rePurpose Global to remove one pound of ocean-bound plastic from the environment for each product purchased.

Our low-impact packaging solution

Reduce, reuse, reuse

Reusable Containers

Our Elixirs and Teas are available in two packaging formats: a reusable container for your first purchase, tailored specifically to the nature of the product, and a 100% compostable refill pouch to minimize waste whenever you’re ready to restock.

Learn more about our Miron violet glass Elixir jars and our custom Tea tins.

Compostable pouches

All of our Elixir & Tea refill pouches and our chocolate packaging is 100% home and commercially compostable. Made from plant-based biofilms (including renewable forestry wood pulp cellulose and non-GMO starch) and vegetable-based inks, you can feel great about reducing waste and knowing that your packaging is made of the same natural resources as its contents.

The last leg

Shipping materials

As an e-commerce brand, we’re cognizant of the environmental impact of shipping, and that’s why our efforts don’t stop at our products. Our shipping boxes are 100% recyclable, and our tissue paper and stickers are acid free, printed with soy-based inks and Forest Stewardship Council certified, protecting your products without harming the environment.