Meet Joyà

Reinventing fun-ctional foods

We are holistic nutritionists, chefs and sustainability-obsessed change-makers driven by bringing you pure, everyday joy.

We achieve this goal by harnessing the potential of the most nutrient-dense, plant-based ingredients on the planet to create a line of superfood and functional snacks & drinks that are as decadent and delicious as they are nourishing and effective. Products you'll crave. Products you can trust.

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Our Philosophy

All joy. Zero sacrifice.

There is no doubt that consuming clean, nourishing foods & beverages is an essential ingredient for health. But too often we find ourselves choosing between eating for health and eating for pleasure, between function and flavor.

We believe that true wellness can't be achieved without joy, and that savoring food is one of the ultimate pleasures in life. That's why we live by the philosophy that every sip & every bite should be indulgent - no sacrifices. 

This is The JOYÀ Life.

Our Approach

Functional, Squared

You might have heard that chronic stress drains and weakens the adrenal glands, making us feel run down. But did you know that it also suppresses immunity, digestion, hormonal systems and detoxification, curbs growth processes and alters brain function? In fact, overexposure to stress hormones can disrupt almost all bodily processes and contribute to a slew of health conditions.

This is why all of our Elixirs and Teas are Functional, Squared. Using a unique, two-step approach, we combine carefully chosen adaptogens with complementary functional ingredients that together support wellness holistically, setting you up for peak performance.

STEP 1 - Adaptogens: by tonifying the adrenals and supporting stress response, precious resources are freed to optimize the functioning of other bodily systems.

STEP 2 - Complimentary Ingredients: specific systems are then nurtured, stimulated or strengthened, as the body requires.

We hope that our nourishing snacks and beverages will help you think better, move better, sleep better and feel your best, and be the indulgence you look forward to savoring every day.

More on Adaptogens & Functional Foods

A WORD FROM OUR FOUNDER: ruth elnekave

"We should feel as good as we eat. And eat lots of chocolate."

Food has always inspired and excited me. My parents immigrated from Israel to Canada and brought with them exciting ingredients and culinary traditions. At home, where globally-inspired, flavorful meals were cooked from scratch, I was my mother’s sous chef by the age of four. I’ll always cherish the memories of summers in my parents’ homeland watching my grandmother Joya - who was the embodiment of The JOYÀ Life - prepare her Middle Eastern delicacies with so much passion, delighted in the joy we experienced with every bite. 

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Ruth Elnekave, Founder and CEO of JOYÀ

Twenty-plus years of mouth-watering adventures drove me to train in the culinary arts after college. Yet, I left the kitchen for a career in corporate law. While intellectually fulfilling, the long, intense hours at a desk with little time for proper meals left me drained and sluggish, mentally and physically. I craved movement. I missed the pleasure of savoring real food. Burning the candle at both ends, I found myself with severe adrenal fatigue and hormonal and digestive systems that were all but shut down.

That was the moment when I escaped the rat race and reconnected with my culinary roots, only this time on an even deeper level. I studied holistic nutrition and immersed myself in the teachings of traditional medicine and functional wellness. And I began to heal myself through food: nutrient-rich, plant-based whole foods and powerful botanicals.

These experiences sparked my love affair with the ingredients that inspire JOYÀ’s decadent, nourishing snacks, and led me to share the beauty and power of food with you. I invite you to indulge and experience the pure joy that comes from savoring each and every sip and bite!

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