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Bringing you the power of the planet’s most revered ingredients

We all lead go-go-go lives. Responsibilities, ambitions and passions. It’s who we are, and it’s not going to change. And most days, we don’t have time for a complicated wellness routine.

That’s why at JOYÀ, we harness the potential of the most powerful ingredients on the planet to craft expertly formulated, delicious functional herbal blends that support optimal health and are easy to add to your daily routine, helping you meet the demands of life.

We are holistic nutritionists, chefs and sustainability-obsessed change-makers driven by bringing you pure, everyday joy.

Our Philosophy

The JOYÀ Life

There's no doubt that consuming clean + nourishing foods is essential for health. But too often we find ourselves choosing between eating for health and eating for pleasure — between function and flavour. And that's not right. After all, who sticks to a wellness routine they don't enjoy?

That's why we live by the philosophy that every sip + every bite should be indulgent. No sacrifices.

Functional Food 101

Why Adaptogens?

What are Functional Foods?

Nature is abundant with foods that nourish the body, and shelves are lined with supplements formulated to improve your health. Functional foods are the best of these two worlds – foods made of real and effective ingredients that benefit body and mind beyond their nutritional value.

These include ingredients that help stimulate digestion, calm the nervous system, increase energy and enhance cognitive function. Because delicious snacks vs popping pills is a no-brainer.

What are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens are a group of powerful herbs and fungi that can help the body adapt to the effects of physical, mental and emotional stress

They also have an “adaptive” quality themselves, adjusting their actions as needed to help bring the body back into balance (much like a thermostat helps bring room temperature back to an optimal level).

More on Adaptogens & Stress
Scooping JOYÀ Turmeric Functional Blend into a mug of steamed milk
Pouring an iced cacao latte made with JOYÀ Cacao Functional Blend
Scooping JOYÀ Matcha-Moringa Functional Blend from pouch

A WORD FROM OUR FOUNDER: ruth elnekave

"Food just might be the only universal thing that has the power to bring everyone together."

Food has always inspired and excited me. My parents immigrated from Israel to Canada and brought with them exciting ingredients and culinary traditions. At home, where globally-inspired meals were cooked from scratch, I was my mother’s sous chef by the age of four. I’ll always cherish the memories of summers in my parents’ homeland watching my grandmother Joya - who was the embodiment of The JOYÀ Life - prepare Middle Eastern delicacies with so much passion, delighted in the joy we experienced with every bite. 

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Twenty-plus years of mouth-watering adventures drove me to train in the culinary arts after college. Yet, I left the kitchen for a career in corporate law. A world in which the long, intense hours at a desk with little time for proper meals left me drained and sluggish, mentally and physically. I craved movement. I missed the pleasure of savouring real food. Burning the candle at both ends, I found myself with severe adrenal fatigue and hormonal and digestive systems that were all but shut down.

That was the moment when I escaped the rat race and reconnected with my culinary roots, only this time on an even deeper level. I studied holistic nutrition and immersed myself in the teachings of traditional medicine and functional wellness. And I began to heal myself through food: nutrient-rich, plant-based whole foods and powerful botanicals.

These experiences sparked my love affair with the ingredients that inspire all we do at JOYÀ, and led me to share the beauty and power of food with you. I invite you to indulge and experience the pure joy that comes from savouring every sip and bite!

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