Meet Joyà

This is wellness, uncomplicated

You know all that confusing noise that’s leaving you unsure about what to do, eat and not eat, and when in your busy day you’re supposed to do it all? What about that handful of pills you’re popping daily, or the bitter, medicinal tasting tinctures and powders?

Your wellness routine should not be the thing stressing you out. 

We’re reinventing the approach to health and turning chore into a gratifying daily ritual with craveable functional supplements that support your health — body + mind — in one daily scoop.

How we do it

Our founder's story

Turning lemons into lemonade (and elixirs)

Years of mental, emotional and physical stress as a corporate lawyer took a serious toll on our founder’s health. Ruth’s debilitating health issues began immediately after leaving the law, while studying to become a Holistic Nutritionist. Luckily, her studies introduced her to various modalities of traditional medicine and powerful herbs that played a key role in her healing process. 

The problem was, all of the medicinal herbs on the market tasted… wait for it… medicinal. And botanical products that tackled health the way our body works – holistically? Those weren’t to be found. So she had to concoct her own.

Ruth founded JOYÀ to make it easy and enjoyable to harness the power of traditional medicinal herbs without all of the synthetics, fillers and sweeteners found in many supplements and functional foods.

What started off as a project to fill a gap in the supplement market has evolved into a mission to reimagine our wellness journey, making it one that brings us Everyday Joy.

Functional Food 101

Why Adaptogens?

What are Functional Foods?

Nature is abundant with foods that nourish the body, and shelves are lined with supplements formulated to improve your health. Functional foods are the best of these two worlds – foods made of real and effective ingredients that benefit body and mind beyond their nutritional value.

These include ingredients that help stimulate digestion, calm the nervous system, increase energy and enhance cognitive function. Because delicious snacks vs popping pills is a no-brainer.

What are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens are a group of powerful herbs and fungi that can help the body adapt to the effects of physical, mental and emotional stress

They also have an “adaptive” quality themselves, adjusting their actions as needed to help bring the body back into balance (much like a thermostat helps bring room temperature back to an optimal level).

More on Adaptogens & Stress
Scooping JOYÀ Turmeric Functional Blend into a mug of steamed milk
Pouring an iced cacao latte made with JOYÀ Cacao Functional Blend
Scooping JOYÀ Matcha-Moringa Functional Blend from pouch