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Sun Salutation:
The 1 Minute Yoga Sequence
to Energize Your Body & Mind

Strengthen, lengthen, flex and extend your body with a traditional sun salutation. This dynamic sequence is the yogi’s daily greeting to the sun and is a fantastic way to start the day. Sun salutation is a meditative movement accompanied by deep breathing. It mimics the life-giving force of the sun by warming and energizing the body from within. It opens ourselves up to the sun’s energy while keeping the mind calm and focused.

Coach Josh from Graham Wellness guides us through the sequence. As he demonstrates in the video, sun salutations can be practiced just about anywhere! Whether you’re in a yoga studio or at home, outside or in the office (yes, we’ve done this by our desks before!), sun salutations are a great way to energize the body and ready the mind for the day ahead.


Josh Graham

Josh Graham

Josh Graham is a Fitness Expert and Holistic Nutritionist at Graham Wellness. He is extremely passionate about helping others by helping them to improve their fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset.

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