Adaptogenic Immunity Bundle


Stay resilient with our “Defender” bundle. Three daily supplement blends featuring plant-based nutrients, stress-supporting adaptogens and immune-boosting functional mushrooms to promote overall wellness and a strong, healthy immune system.

MULTI-USE: make lattes or elevate coffee, smoothies, breakfast bowls + more

The Adaptogenic Immunity Bundle includes:

  • Cacao Functional Superblend
  • Matcha  Functional Superblend
  • Turmeric Functional Superblend
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    100% money-back guarantee
    extracted herbs
    3rd party lab tested
    sustainable packaging

    Ingredient Intel

    Key ingredients in your bundle

    About the Blends

    Cacao Functional Blend

    Brew a cup of calm with our cacao-based daily supplement. This antioxidant-rich, blissful blend of functional botanicals features Reishi, the stress and immune-supporting "Queen of Mushrooms".

    Functional benefits:

    • Supports stress response
    • Supports balanced immune function
    • Promotes calm
    • Source of antioxidants

    Matcha-Moringa Functional Blend

    Your coffee break has met its match-a. In this vibrant daily supplement, smooth organic ceremonial grade matcha is paired with Lion's Mane mushroom, adaptogenic Ashwagandha, Pine Pollen + Moringa for an immune-balancing, brain + stress supporting, energizing blend.

    Functional benefits:

    • Supports stress response
    • Supports balanced immune function
    • Enhances cognitive function
    • Promotes natural energy
    • Source of antioxidants

    Turmeric Functional Blend

    Support your health holistically with our signature blend of antioxidant-rich spices and revered herbs. This turmeric daily supplement features adaptogenic Ashwagandha, Astragalus + Pine Pollen to support immune function and digestion, help ease inflammation and increase resistance to stress.

    Functional benefits:

    • Supports stress response
    • Supports balanced immune function
    • Promotes digestion
    • Helps relieve inflammation
    • Source of antioxidants

    How to enjoy

    • enjoy hot: blend or whisk with hot milk of choice
    • enjoy iced: dissolve powder in a small amount of hot water, add cold water or milk of choice and top off with ice
    • create-your-own elixir: blend with your choice of hot or cold liquid, healthy fats and natural sweetener for the ultimate creamy elixir
    • supercharge everything: add to smoothies, protein shakes, coffee, yogurt, oatmeal, pancakes, baked goods or healthy treats... anything goes!

    Our Functional Blends are unsweetened, but you can add your favourite natural sweetener to taste

    Planet-friendly packaging

    We're committed to making our planet a cleaner, better place. 

    Our Functional Blend pouches are recyclable. We encourage you to help us reduce waste by disposing via recycling bins, programs or facilities when possible.