Young woman in blue sportswear doing plank pose exercise against the background of a concrete wall

Plank Pose: one exercise, multiple gains

What’s longer than a microwave minute? Holding a plank for a minute! It’s true, time seems to slow down when it comes to this exercise, but the struggle is worth it. Plank is one of the best poses to work your core. It trains the abdominals to create greater stability in the body and as a result helps the body to work as a cohesive unit. A stronger core will benefit you in every activity, from running to hiking and swimming and more. 

While a plank pose targets the core, it’s also a full-body exercise when done correctly. Coach Josh from Graham Wellness shows us how to perfect the plank to get the most out of this pose. He emphasizes the importance of level hips and a flat back. To achieve this, tilt your pelvis forwards and squeeze your butt to prevent a dip from forming in the low back. From there, squeeze your elbows and legs, and remember to breathe. If you’re shaking, you’re probably doing it right!


Josh Graham

Josh Graham

Josh Graham is a Fitness Expert and Holistic Nutritionist at Graham Wellness. He is extremely passionate about helping others by helping them to improve their fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset.

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