Our approach to ingredients

Full disclosure: it’s all good.

If there’s one thing we’ve verified first hand after tasting and testing hundreds of ingredients, it’s that not all ingredients, even of the same species, are alike. Geography, growing conditions, climate, harvesting and preparation can radically affect the quality of an ingredient – from taste, smell and color, to purity and potency. You deserve to be excited about where your hard-earned money is going and what you're putting into your body. So we took the confusion out of navigating labels.

Ingredient Intel

Our Clean Label Promise

Super-clean. Super-good.

Every ingredient we use to craft our products is pure, natural & non-GMO. Plus, none of our products contain gluten, refined sugars, dairy, preservatives, stabilizers, additives or fake stuff of any kind. Our ingredients are:

Functional Elixirs: organic or wild-crafted
Functional Teas:
Hand-crafted Chocolates: 

The Real thing

Right to the source

The highest quality and most potent ingredients come from their native growing regions where they’ve evolved over time to thrive - not from labs or modern farms where they’re grown for mass production. Similarly, a plant's functional properties often mirror its constitution. Consider certain adaptogens: resistant herbs that grow in harsh conditions, these are the same herbs that help our bodies resist the effects of stress.

This is why we go to the source. For example, our sustainably grown organic Mushroom extracts are sourced from farms in the mountain regions of China. where medicinal mushrooms have been grown for millennia. Our wild-crafted Pine Pollen is gathered from forests at the edge of the Himalayan Mountains. Our Ayurvedic herbs, Moringa, Mucuna Pruriens and Ashwagandha, are grown organically in India.

Quality Control

Purity & Potency

Despite the functional food market seeing little in the way of quality control standards, you deserve to be confident about the foods you consume. So nothing but the purest and most potent ingredients go into our products. For example, our botanical extracts contain guaranteed levels of active compounds. Our mushroom extracts use only the fruiting bodies, unlike many products that are made from mycelium (the mushrooms’ root system). And our highly bioavailable Ashwagandha root extract is the most clinically studied, highest concentration, full-spectrum root extract available, produced using a proprietary extraction process without any chemical solvents.

Taking (and Acing) Tests

Need a second opinion? No offense taken! We scour the planet for the highest quality ingredients, only collaborating with suppliers who meet our high manufacturing and testing standards. Then, our Elixirs & Teas undergo regulatory review and rigorous third-party quality and laboratory testing for pesticides, heavy metals, mold, yeast and other microbes. AKA: you can trust our labels. We triple checked.