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Medicine Ball Toss

If you’re looking to build strength and increase muscle mass, your exercise routine needs to include moves that work your fast-twitch muscles. These muscle fibers are responsible for muscle definition and generate power and strength in the body. They come into play when our slow-twitch muscles tire, but are also activated with explosive exercises like sprints, jumps and heavy weight training.

Coach Josh from Graham Wellness shows us how to use a medicine ball toss to strengthen the fast-twitch muscles in the chest, shoulders and arms. The goal is to push the ball high into the air by generating explosive power through the chest. Don’t have a medicine ball? Coach Josh takes us through the same routine using a dumbbell and kettlebell. Just make sure to hold onto that weight!


Josh Graham

Josh Graham

Josh Graham is a Fitness Expert and Holistic Nutritionist at Graham Wellness. He is extremely passionate about helping others by helping them to improve their fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset.

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