Where do you sell your products?

During our Summer 2018 launch, you can find us at the following markets in Toronto:

  • Farmers’ MRKT at RBC Plaza – every Thursday from June 7th – August 30th
  • Evergreen Brickworks Farmers Market – every Saturday from June 9th – September 29th

By late 2018 and early 2019, you’ll be able to find our products at cafes, fitness studios and other wholesale partners and retailers across the city! Check out our current locations.

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Can I buy your products online?

At this time we don’t sell our products online, but stay tuned — plans are in the works so that our friends outside Toronto can enjoy them too!

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What’s “plant-forward”?

Plant-forward means that the majority of our ingredients are plant-based products. With an entirely gluten-free and refined sugar-free menu that includes vegan, vegetarian, and paleo and keto-friendly products, we’re proud to offer foods that cater to nearly every dietary preference. However we’re not 100% vegan.

At Joya, we’re dedicated to serving you wholesome, made-from-scratch food that is just as nourishing as it is delicious. Food that you can – and want to – savour, that takes you to a happy place! We use nutrient-dense, responsibly sourced, real ingredients, and in some products, this includes bee products (such as raw honey and bee pollen), organic ghee and organic, pasture-raised or free-range eggs.

Are your products organic?

Did you know it costs farmers thousands of dollars every year to be certified organic? At Joya, we’re stewards of the environment and practice responsibility and sustainability throughout our operations. But we also recognize that it can be hard, and in many cases unfeasible, for small-scale farms and producers to pay for this certification. We want to support our planet and the little guy, so whenever possible, we source certified organic, responsibly produced and/or locally produced ingredients.

Are your products gluten-free?

All of our products are made with ingredients that are free of gluten. However, at this time we’re not operating in a certified gluten-free facility.

Are your products peanut-free or nut-free?

No, Joya uses an assortment of peanuts and tree nuts throughout our offerings.

Do your products contain preservatives, refined sugars, carrageenan, gums or fillers?


Do your products contain dairy?

Nope! We don’t use dairy in any of our products.

Which products are unsweetened?

We don’t use refined sugars in any of our products, and the following products aren’t sweetened with sugar (including honey or maple syrup) at all:

All functional herbal loose leaf teas
All functional elixir blends
Tahini-Coconut & Cashew-Hawaij elevated nut and seed butters

Are any of your products Paleo or Keto-friendly?


The following products in our Summer 2018 line-up are all Paleo-friendly:

All functional herbal loose leaf teas
All elixir blends
All elevated nut and seed butters
All bean-to-bar chocolates
Granola: Oh! Mega

The following products are all Paleo-friendly and do not contain added sugars:*

All functional herbal loose leaf teas
All elixir blends
Elevated nut and seed butters: Tahini-Coconut & Cashew-Hawaij

*Note however that the suitability of products for a Ketogenic diet will depend on your overall carbohydrate intake in a given day and the number of portions of the particular product consumed.

What are your Elixir Blends?

Hand-crafted in small batches with love, our antioxidant-rich Elixirs Blends combine the highest quality adaptogenic herbs and other wellness-promoting botanicals to create a nutrient-packed powder ready for you to turn into delicious hot or cold elixirs – or to supercharge your favourite foods!

Carefully crafted with both flavour and function in mind, our blends contain meaningful levels of every superherb and adaptogen used to help nourish the hormonal and nervous systems and help combat the effects of stress.

And since we believe the body truly thrives on real foods, we only use all-plant and mushroom ingredients – no added sugars, flavours, gums, thickeners or other additives. This is one of the reasons we don’t add coconut milk powder to our blends (unfortunately even the “clean” kinds contain tapioca-based maltodextrin to prevent clumping) — we’d rather leave it to you to add your nutritious milk or plant-based milk of choice!

What’s the best way to use your Elixir Blends?

The possibilities are endless!

Drink Hot: mix or blend with hot milk and/or water

Drink Iced: mix or blend with cold milk and/or water and add ice. We recommend first dissolving powder into a small amount of hot water to prevent any clumps.

Blended Elixirs: add to a blender with your choice of hot or cold liquid, healthy fats (such as nut or seed butters, MCT/coconut oil, ghee) and sweetener of choice (such as raw honey or dates) for the ultimate creamy elixir

Supercharge everything: add to hot or cold coffee and tea, smoothies, protein shakes, yogurt, pancakes, oatmeal, healthy treats… anything goes!

Our Elixir Blends are  naturally free of added sugars, but you can add raw honey, maple syrup or your sweetener of choice to taste.

How frequently should I use your Elixir Blends?

Depends on how often you need to feed your fire or soothe your soul! We alternate between the different Elixir Blends depending on the effect our bodies are craving, and generally enjoy 2-3 servings a day.

Regardless of your experience using adaptogens, because every product and person is different we recommend that you start slow with half a serving size per day to gage your body’s reaction. You can then increase your dosage to the level that’s right for you.

What do the Elixir Blends taste like?

Delicious! The base ingredients (matcha, cacao and turmeric) account for the predominant flavour in each blend, and they’ve also got some earthy and bitter notes from the mushrooms and other adaptogenic powders.

Our matcha-based FOCUS elixir has grassy and earthy notes with a hint of vanilla and cinnamon

Our cacao-based BLISS elixir has notes of caramel and warming spices

Our turmeric-based GLOW elixir has notes of ginger, cinnamon and pepper balanced with a mild sweetness

All of our elixir blends are free of added sugars, but you can add raw honey, maple syrup or any sweetener of your choice to taste.

Check out our preparation suggestions!

Are your Elixir Blends safe if I have a medical condition or I am taking medication?

We are not health care practitioners, so we legally cannot provide you with medical advice. Adaptogenic herbs and functional mushrooms are potent ingredients and using them alongside particular drugs may have unexpected results. We recommend consulting with your healthcare practitioner if you are concerned about consuming our Elixir Blends in conjunction with a pre-existing medical condition.

Are your Elixir Blends safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

We are not health care practitioners, so we legally cannot provide you with medical advice. Adaptogenic herbs and functional mushrooms are potent ingredients and it is important to use caution when using them during pregnancy and while nursing. We recommend consulting with your healthcare practitioner if you are planning to consume our Elixir Blends during your pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Are your Elixir Blends safe for children?

While the adaptogenic herbs and functional mushrooms used in our Elixir Blends are generally safe for children, we recommend first consulting with your healthcare practitioner, and:

  • checking the ingredients for any allergens
  • avoiding use for children with any pre-existing medical conditions
  • waiting until your child is 6 or 7
  • starting with a smaller dose equal to ⅓ of the recommended dose of the particular Elixir Blend
  • limiting consumption to approximately 3 times per week

How do you formulate your Elixir Blends?

Each blend is expertly formulated by our founder, chef and holistic nutritionist Ruth, to maximize both flavour and the bioavailability of the adaptogens and other superherbs used. We use carefully sourced ingredients, modern science and the deep-rooted knowledge of ancient traditions (including Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda) to create synergistic, potent functional blends.

Where do you source the adaptogenic and functional powders used in your products?

We’re dedicated to sourcing the safest, cleanest and highest-quality ingredients for your benefit. We extensively search different sources and test various products in order to find you top quality adaptogenic and functional powders. This rigorous process includes reviewing third-party laboratory test results for toxins, pesticides, heavy metals, mold, yeast and other microbes.

Where are the medicinal mushrooms used in your products from?

We are proud to use some of the highest quality certified organic or wildcrafted medicinal mushrooms available on the market. They are carefully sourced from mountain regions of China, where growers have been cultivating mushrooms for generations (in fact, China is responsible for over 85% of worldwide mushroom production).

The mushrooms in our products are produced by real people on a farm, not in a lab. They’re grown sustainably without agricultural chemicals, in greenhouses with natural lighting and fresh air flow, and using substrate materials native to each particular mushroom — no sterile laboratories, and no unnatural substrates made of cereal grains or rice.

Note that many products produced in North America are not made from mushrooms but rather mycelium, the mushrooms’ root system, which is grown on grains.

Since the grain can’t be separated from the mycelium, mycelium products are significantly comprised of starch while containing far less of the active compounds, including beta-glucans. We only use the mushroom (fruiting body) in all our products rather than using the mycelium.

Mushrooms are tested prior to being exported from China for toxins, pesticides, heavy metals, mold, yeast and other microbes, and again by third-party laboratories in North America for these compounds and for medicinal compound levels of beta-glucans.


What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are a class of botanicals including herbs and mushrooms that work with your body and help you adapt, most notably to stress and fatigue, because they work to regulate important hormones. Adaptogens also support body-system and organ function, offering several other health benefits, including their ability to support the immune system, encourage a balanced mood and increase physical endurance and mental focus.

How do they work?

Persistent stress can wreak havoc on your body, especially energy levels and your digestive system which are in large part controlled by your adrenal system.

Think of adaptogens like a thermostat. As modulators, they help manage the body’s stress response by bringing adrenal hormone output back into balance, much like a thermostat regulates temperature, keeping it from dropping too low or going too high. Because of this moderating effect, adaptogens are beneficial daily to strengthen the body’s resilience, and not just when you’re experiencing a high level of stress.

Joya’s Elixir Blends and Functional Loose Leaf Herbal Teas are enhanced with a number of adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms and carefully formulated, each with both adaptogenic and additional body-system functionality in mind.

I’m not feeling anything. Are the adaptogens and other functional ingredients in the Elixir Blends and teas working?

It’s important to remember that the benefits of adaptogens are experienced after consistent, prolonged use. People do experience certain calming, energizing and other sensations when consuming our Elixir Blends even for the first time, but note that these physiological effects may be due to the other nutrient-dense and functional ingredients in our blends (for example, calming cacao, energizing matcha and digestion-promoting turmeric and spices).

Will using your elixir blends with hot water compromise the beneficial compounds?

No! The adaptogens and other functional powders in our Elixir Blends have already been extracted with hot water and/or alcohol, so any further “extraction”, like adding them to hot milk or water, will not affect the medicinal compounds.


What products are available for wholesale?

We offer a variety of superfood pantry snacks that would make a great addition to your menu at your cafe, restaurant, fitness studio or other establishment, including:

  • bean-to-bar single origin snack size chocolates — paleo-friendly
  • elixir blends to make functional elixirs and lattes or blend into smoothies
  • functional loose leaf herbal teas
  • superfood granolas (gluten-free and grain-free/paleo options)
  • superfood nut & seed butters

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Can I resell your functional and superfood “pantry” products in my own store or on my website?

We’re launching our reseller program in late 2018/early 2019.  Please get in touch to tell us more about your business at

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