Why You Need to Include Side Lunges on Leg Day

lunges leg day

We’ve got a lot of love for lunges. Whether stepping forwards or backwards, lunges help to strengthen each leg individually and build balance in the body. But did you know there’s more to a lunge than just moving forwards and backwards? Introducing your new go-to move on leg day: side lunges. Get ready to the feel the burn! This lateral movement targets the side of your glutes which is a part the body that’s often overlooked! This exercise also increases mobility. Chances are you’ve moved forwards today and maybe even backwards a step or two, but have you moved side to side yet? The more you perform side lunges, the easier this movement will become as it increases both strength and flexibility.

Coach Josh from Graham Wellness shows us how to perform a side lunge. He emphasizes the need to internally torque at the hips throughout the movement. Keeping this inner rotation will ensure that the lunge is being performed correctly, allowing you to strengthen the lower body properly without risk of injury.