Step Ups: Strength Exercise for Glutes and Quads

step ups

You don’t have to be a mountain climber or participating in the CN Tower Climb to benefit from step ups. This motion is one that everybody uses, from climbing up and down stairs, stepping into a car or up on a curb, or to avoid obstacles. Including step ups in your workout routine is a great way to improve mobility and strengthen the lower body. In particular, step ups target the glutes and quadriceps. Overtime, this move can lead to explosive leg power.  Step ups also require the body to be balanced because it works one leg at a time. Even without weights, this move is enough to test our balance and build stability in the body.

Coach Josh from Graham Wellness reminds us that when practicing this move, the descent is just as important as the drive upwards. If you feel shaky on the way down or lose your balance, your weight may be too heavy. Start with a lighter weight, or just your body weight, and work your way up from there.