Community Spotlight: Sloane Tea Company

Colorful boxes of Sloane tea against a white background.

Year Established:



Leslieville, Toronto

Mission + Purpose:

To deliver on their promise of an exceptional cup of tea, all Sloane Teas are regularly cupped and assessed by independent Certified Tea Sommeliers, gourmet chefs, culinary instructors and tea industry experts. Each Sloane Tea is individually sourced. Chosen from hundreds of tea gardens, Sloane Teas are carefully processed using centuries old artisanal techniques. Their scented and blended teas are custom created by their own team of Certified Tea Sommeliers and culinary experts. As part of the development of their products, they consulted with the Maître Nez (Head Nose) of one of France’s foremost perfumeries and trained at the Studio Des Fragrance in Grasse, France.


Join the Sloane Sommelier Society, a tea society in which members are offered a rare tea experience. As a member, you will be guided through tastings of some of the world’s most esoteric, extraordinary and exclusive teas, each selected by our Advisory Board. 

A row of golden spoons holding different varieties of loose leaf tea on a white background.

Ruthy’s Review:

Sloane’s founder and creative director is truly a master tea blender and a creative, driven, beautiful person. Sloane’s quality-ensuring processes for their high quality teas and tisanes (herbal teas) are bar none: sourcing direct trade, supporting and nurturing long term relationships with growers all over the world that use artisanal techniques. In fact, Hoda regularly visits many of her farmer/grower partners; regularly cupping to ensure the quality and flavour of each batch, and having their teas assessed by certified tea sommeliers, chefs and other F&B experts. Joya is so proud to be working with fellow Toronto-based Sloane as our partner for our functional herbal tea line.

Visit Sloane’s website to check out their products, or read up on all things tea on their blog.


(All photos from Sloane Tea Company)