Matcha Made in Heaven: 18 matcha pairings to get you excited for Spring

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Believe it or not, even though it’s still a half-frozen-half-slushy wasteland outside, March 20th marks the start of spring. But because it could be eons until the first visual signs of spring (the perks of living in Canada, eh?), and with St. Patty’s around the corner, we’re adding green to the menu — matcha-style.

If you’re new to matcha or haven’t experienced it outside the standard barista-made latte, allow us to enlighten you with this one simple fact: matcha + pretty much anything = a match made in heaven. And if matcha’s brain boosting and detoxifying health benefits weren’t enough, it’s also incredibly easy to use. This concentrated green tea powder can be added to dozens of recipes and stirred into beverages hot or cold.

Check out some of our favourite matcha pairings! As you bite, sip, and scoop your way through this feast of greenery, let it be a reminder that spring is near.


Matcha + Maca

A superfood latte. AKA, cozy with some muscle.

matcha and Maca
(Photo from The First Mess)

Matcha + Cacao Butter

It’s like drinking a frothy mug of white chocolate, except without
the white chocolate.

white chocolate matcha
(Photo from The Joya Life)

Matcha + Pineapple

The greenest of smoothies — with a touch of yellow.

matcha smoothie
(Photo from Bon Appetit)


Matcha + Yogurt

A little overnight prep makes for one serious superfood

Matcha breakfast
(Photo from Fit Mitten Kitchen)

Matcha + Pepitas

No more waffling — add matcha to your batter already!

matcha waffles
(Photo from Edible Perspective)

Matcha + Banana

Excuse us while we take a refreshing dip in this smoothie bowl.

matcha green smoothie bowl
(Photo from Minimalist Baker)

Matcha + Vanilla Bean 

Betcha can’t eat just one scoop.

matcha chia pudding
(Photo from Oh, Lady Cakes) 


Matcha + Oats

The perfect to-go snack to save for later. Or eat immediately.

matcha oat bar
(Photo from My New Roots)

Matcha + Tahini

Pro Tip: Make these in bulk. You’ll thank us later.

matcha energy balls
(Photo from Jass Stupack)

Matcha + Dark Chocolate

Good luck going back to regular ol’ peanut butter cups after

matcha chocolate
(Photo from Keepin’ It Kind)

Matcha + Orange Blossom

Shortbread to bake by the dozen, again and again.

matcha shortbread
(Photo from Tasty Yummies)

Matcha + Almonds

FYI, this is what the energizer bunny eats.

Matcha Energy Bites
(Photo from The Loopy Whisk)


Matcha + Shredded Coconut

One slice is nice, but two slices are even better.

matcha tart
(Photo from Amy Chaplin

Matcha + Black Sesame

Part cake, part breakfast pastry, and we want it all.

matcha cake
(Photo from Snixy Kitchen)

Matcha + Mint

Matcha just turned minty fresh.  matcha brownies
(Photo from Choosing Chia)

Matcha + Macadamia

We’ve never been so nuts for a truffle.

matcha truffles
(Photo from Becomingness)

Matcha + Hibiscus

Even with hibiscus, this Panna Cotta is the furthest thing from

matcha panna cota
(Photo from Butter Lust Blog)

Matcha + Ginger

Get ready to drown all your ice cream in this gingery Affogato.

Matcha ginger affogato

(Photo from The Bojon Gourmet)
(Header image from Ful-filled)