Health, Humour & Horoscopes: November 2018

Aerial view of coffee in a white porcelain cup and saucer, on a a navy blue background, surrounded by tiny gold stars.

November has it tough. It’s like the under appreciated middle sibling, flanked by two months heavy with personality. On one side there’s October, stuffing us with Thanksgiving and dressing us up in ghoulish garb. And on the other is December, all holy and glittery in its festive cheer. It’s easy for November to be overlooked, for it’s nothing more than a bumpkin of a month, right?

Wrong! Do not be fooled by November’s hushed presence. November is a fascinating month because it’s the transitionary period between autumn and winter — a time when all the beautiful coloured leaves and harvest of fall progress into the stoic dormancy of winter. Although Halloween is over, this transformative month is believed to be more spiritual and visceral than the month before. November encourages intuition. Your instinct and psyche will be at an all time high, so learn to listen to your gut (or at least start reading your tea leaves).


A glass bowl of dried tea leafs and rose petals next to a wooden spoon.
(Photo by Genevieve Kang)

Plus, there are some big cosmic events taking place this month! Jupiter, the planet of expansion, moves into Sagittarius on the 8th. And Jupiter is a big-ass planet, okay? It moves at its own slow pace. It takes twelve years for Jupiter to cross the zodiac and it hasn’t been here since 2006! November also opens with a new moon in Scorpio, symbolizing new beginnings. And then (apologies in advance) Mercury goes into retrograde on the 16th. Just remember that when you’re having trouble communicating or sitting in traffic or experiencing technical difficulties that this is Mercury’s final retrograde of 2018. Cue happy dance! 

So in honour of the inwardly psychic month that is November, I’m matching each zodiac’s forecast to a cozy fall drink. No other food item encourages us to take pause and reflect on the feelings in our bones more than a steaming mug of clairvoyance. 


ARIES – Hot Toddy

Get ready to groove with the supernatural energies of November. You’ll start to feel like a visionary, interpreting events before they happen. (Opening the front door just as the pizza guy is about to knock? Ooh ya. Texting your friend the second they get back from their Tinder date? You know it, baby.) Embrace these psychic vibes, Aries. Listen to your gut, especially at the end of the month when you feel the urge to travel. If you experience a tinging sensation in your hooves, it could be time to explore some new territories for a couple of days. 

While you’re in this spiritual headspace, keep your eyes on the sky. Your connection to the moon this month will run deeper than a werewolf’s. The full moon on the 23rd will reveal important information on how to take your next steps. While you’re keeping your eyes and ears peeled for those vital details, enjoy a Hot Toddy. It’s the perfect beverage to consume while reflections come to light in the full moon, which may even encourage some full moon howlin’ (or in your case, some decent sheep screaming). 

Vegan and dairy-free red velvet hot chocolate in a ceramic mug, garnished with coconut whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and a cinnamon stick.
(Photo from The Green Life)

TAURUS – Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

November is all about newness with you! Seriously, Taurus, the new moon on the 7th will come with new opportunities from meeting new people. So take an interest in the faces you don’t yet know. One (or several) of them could end up being a new business partner that brings exciting change and development to your career. But before you make any commitments, take a bit of time to set some intentions. What are your goals? Keep these in mind so as not to be misled by a charismatic stranger, because in the end it doesn’t matter how shiny a penny is. It’s still just a penny. (And yes, I am well aware that the penny has been phased out in Canada. Just go with me on this one.)

Bringing additional change into your life is Jupiter who will be moving across your chart’s area of transformation. This could stir up feelings of nostalgia, but avoid wasting your time looking back at Facebook photos from 2009 (the pursed lips, the side bangs, the red cups… oh god). Rather, indulge in a Red Velvet Hot Chocolate. It provides a classic hot chocolate flavour from the past, but is jazzed up with a charming red colour from beets. Yes, beets as in the root vegetable and not the beats you were fist pumping to in 2009. 


GEMINI – Elixir Mushroom Blend

Let’s start with the elephant in the room. I’m talking about the hot red planet Mercury, your planetary ruler, entering retrograde again. This is nothing new to you. As an expressive zodiac you’re all too aware of communication breakdowns like writer’s block, text messages that never send, and painful auto-correction (seriously, whyyyy would your phone auto-correct Monday blues to manboobs???). To avoid silly mistakes, make sure you give yourself extra time to edit your work and explain yourself. 

You’re going to feel a real push this month to get things done, which is great! But in order to stay on top of your projects and turn in quality work, you may have to shake up your routine. You’re a natural multi-tasker, Gemini, but you could find it useful to prioritize your work. Need I remind you of said elephant? Focusing on one task at a time will prevent you from becoming scattered and lower the risk of communication errors. Therefore, I encourage you to dabble in some Elixir Mushroom Blends. This will keep your motivation levels up without having to chug coffee (because nothing is scarier than being over-caffeinated during a Mercury retrograde). 


CANCER – Herbal Tea 

The Halloween hangover is real, Cancer. October may be in the rearview mirror, but you’re still feeling haunted and jumping at bumps in the night. You’re already an intuitive crab, but with the sun entering Sagittarius you’re going to feel clairvoyant. Get ready to feel hyper-aware, curious, philosophical, a little bit emotional… okay, maybe very emotional. On a scale from 1 to 10, your emotions are a spooky 13. But this can be managed! Self-reflection will be the key to handling your feelings. So steep some calming Herbal Tea and remember to check in with yourself frequently to cool down those hot-blooded emotions. 

On the plus side, November won’t be all emotional doom and gloom. The full moon on the 23rd is going to balance everything out with some good ol’ fashion fun. After all that heavy contemplation, you’re going to feel like you’re levitating! You may still be level-9 emotional, but at least you’ll also feel like you’re floating on cloud 9. 

A vegan and dairy-free rose latte in a glass mug, garnished with dried rose petals, surrounded by dried rose petals and roses on a wooden platter.
(Photo by Liz Moody)

LEO – Rose Latte 

Do not fear the beating in your chest, Leo. Despite this being such a haunted month, Jupiter is flooding you with creativity, energy and romance! While others see shadows and mystery, you swoon at how romantic it is to walk in the rain. SO EMBRACE IT! Twirl your whiskered moustache! Love could appear at any moment Just steer clear of past lovers if you want your November to remain ghost-free. 

The full moon at the end of the month will help to expand your social network and guide you away from old temptations. Plus, you’ll find yourself thriving in a larger community, either romantically or creatively. Whether you find love or a burst of inspiration in your new circle, you won’t go wrong meeting new people. And when you’re ready, treat either your new luvvah or creative chums to a Rose Latte (since I’m sure you would agree that a PSL is too basic for your new creative friends).


VIRGO – Mulled Apple Cider

November will bring you new answers, Virgo, even during the new moon. Although we’ll be engulfed in darkness on the 7th, you’ll feel alight in self-reflection. You may find that it’s time to stop sharing so much information with others. So don’t hesitate to protect yourself. SLAM THAT DOOR in the face of nosey numbskulls! 

As you’re aware, we are well into sweater weather and no one is more thrilled than you. Jupiter is entering your domestic sector and all you want to do is bask in the light and luck that’s beaming onto your home. You’re looking for ample cozy time with the people you love, so pull up your fuzziest socks and pile on the blankets. Relish in this desire to be a homebody. And while you’re at it, try your hand at homemade Mulled Apple Cider. Jupiter’s energy will make any domestic activity particularly delicious, plus it will add to the homeyness you crave. If you do have to venture out of the house, remember that the bigger the scarf the better. It doesn’t matter if you look like The Invisible Man circa 1933 — coziness takes top priority right now. 


LIBRA – Drinking Chocolate

There’s no point in beating around the bush, Libra. November’s new moon is in your house of money, and that’s exactly what you desire. Money. Moolah. Buckaroos. Call it what you want. Just admit that you’re wanting more (from business revenues? from your salary? from a personal investment?). Once you do, you’ll be able to develop the skills and resources you need to make more of it. Just make sure you don’t rush into anything. Mercury’s retrograde will have you feeling a bit sluggish, so take some extra time to cross your T’s and dot your I’s. 

The full moon at the end of the month will illuminate your wanderlusting spirit. Remember that you don’t have to go very far to satisfy this impulse. Take a weekend road trip, or spend a day exploring a neighbourhood you never go to. Whatever you do, be sure to treat yourself to some decadent Drinking Chocolate. Sipping on a mug of liquid luxury will fulfill your need for exploration and a wee bit of splendor. Pinky out! 


Aerial view of homemade chai tea in a mug surrounded by silver dishes full of dried spices such as anise pods, nutmeg, cloves, a cinnamon stick, ginger, and peppercorns.
(Photo from The Hathi Cooks)


Oh Scorpio, even if you had a neck to look over your shoulder you STILL wouldn’t look behind you to watch October go. October was a busy time for you, and you’re feeling more relaxed now that we’re in a new month. You’ve got some time on your hands again, so do a little soul searching. Remember the goals you set for yourself before getting bogged down and then take your time to make those changes happen.   

Now, let’s acknowledge the fact that this is your birthday month. Yeaaaaay! And because this is your month, you’re accepting November with open claws. You’re feeling extra spooky and spiritual, so feed that intuition. You’ll find it’ll come in handy at catching communication errors when Mercury retrograde kicks in. Indulge both your psyche and senses with a steaming cup of aromatic Chai. Fly high on its spicy fragrance to fully embrace the mysticism of November. (What? You wanted to feel spooky and spiritual. What’s spookier than a spiced-up flying scorpion?)


SAGITTARIUS – Hot Buttered Rum

It’s Sagittarius season, meaning it’s your time to thrive! Change is on the starry horizon because Jupiter, your ruling planet, is moving into your own sign. This is a HUGE celestial event that will ground you in a newfound sense of awareness and confidence. Answers will come to you where there were once only questions, and you’ll find yourself dancing daintily over obstacles that used to trip you up (I hear centaurs have a real knack for tap dancing).  

Unfortunately, we’ve got a Mercury retrograde in our midst. Although Jupiter will be shining its light on you, this retrograde will be like bad take-out — it’s gonna bung things up a bit. You may not feel the generosity of Jupiter as quickly as you’d like. But, again, like any bad take-out meal causing uncomfortable indigestion THIS TOO SHALL PASS! So while you wait to reap the rewards of your planetary ruler, toast yourself with a glass of Hot Buttered Rum. This sweet, creamy indulgence will have you showing off your tap dancing skills in no time. 


CAPRICORN – Golden Milk

As if November wasn’t already spiritual enough, Jupiter is about to enter your 12th house. This house is the ruling sector of the subconscious mind. I’m talking psychic powers, dreams, intuition and hidden things — sounds sexy, doesn’t it? Jupiter, our planet of expansion, will be pushing secrets to the surface. Woah, did sexy just take a sharp turn to scary? Fear not, Capricorn, as revealed secrets aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Their admittance can be viewed as a healthy cleanse, bringing a revelation that encourages change and growth. 

But secrets, whether yours or another’s, are temperamental. Just because they’ve revealed themselves to you doesn’t mean the rest of the herd needs to know. Therefore, your cozy fall drink is Golden Milk — a healthy turmeric elixir free from alcohol and caffeine. Specifically with Mercury’s upcoming retrograde (aka, communication breakdown), you may find it best to avoid beverages that encourage loose lips or jittery word vomit. Tread lightly, Capricorn! 

Aerial view of a vegan matcha latte in two white mugs next to a small bowl of ceremonial grade matcha powder and a matcha whisk.
(Photo from Love and Lemons)

AQUARIUS – Matcha Latte

Aquarius, you don’t need any moonlight to guide you in the dark. The jet-black sky that comes with November’s new moon on the 7th will encourage deep self-reflection. You’ll be gliding towards answers in the dark with greater finesse than a slick alleycat. Perhaps some of these answers will reveal how to grow your network, as Jupiter will influence an expansion in your community. It’s time to find your people, whether it’s new customers, professional contacts, or other like-minded Aquariuses who get the same weird kick as you do for dark, moonless nights. 

Just be mindful about reaching out when Mercury, the planet of communication, is in retrograde. A silly typo or misinterpreted joke could end a new relationship before it’s even started. Remember, spellcheck exists for a REASON and is a GIFT. So while you take a little extra time drafting your emails and messages, ruminate over a Matcha Latte. The brain-boosting capabilities of matcha will keep your mind sharp and clear to help catch any sneaky auto-corrections. (Seriously, does anyone else’s phone consistently change hangry into horny? Très problematic.)


PISCES – Bliss Latte

It’s time to say YES! And I’m not referring to Yes To the Dress or a marriage proposal (although, if you do get engaged, I mean… congrats!). Business opportunities are coming your way. You will reap the rewards by saying YES to the offers being presented. Jupiter will be entering your career sector, so you can thank the mighty planet for this professional progression. Just make sure you don’t interpret this forecast as an excuse to take a break. Jupiter rewards those who werk it, and werk it good.

A gentle reminder — make sure you save some of your motivation for the home front. Just because you’re excited for career growth doesn’t mean you should neglect the home. Keeping the home happy will promote greater balance. And so, I present unto you the Bliss Latte! This creamy and nutritious latte will help maintain the energy you need to take on new business opportunities without the jitters or caffeine crash. It’ll also encourage healthy choices at home. Let it be your reminder to scrub those dishes, stock the fridge with fruits and veggies, and for goodness sake, keep the house plants quenched!

Close up shot of Joya's frothy Bliss elixir in a ceramic mug, next to a crystal, blue linen napkin, Joya's elixir packaging, and a glass jar of cacao powder.
(Photo by Laura Wright)