Health, Humour & Horoscopes:
August 2018

A hand sticks out above a vast field of pink flowers and waves.

Welcome to your August forecast. We’ve got a lot of good things coming this month, like a solar eclipse on the 11th and a big, full Harvest Moon on the 26th. In other exciting news, Mercury goes direct on August 19th (aka, not in retrograde), so expect communication lines to clear up as well as a general decrease in blunders and mishaps (so maybe I’ll finally stop tripping up my stairs?).

Before we start, these forecasts are inspired by the findings of other astrologists. I am not an astrologist, but I do believe that health and wellness start with self reflection. If horoscopes offer you a chance to look internally, then I hope you’ll allow me to add wellness tips to your forecast, and top it off with a healthy dose of humour. 


LEO — Active Meditation 

Run, Leo, run! What exactly, you may ask, are you running towards? Without trying to sound too yogi here, run towards ~ the answers within you.~

Here’s the deal. Mercury is direct so you’re going to feel inspired to work on self-improvement. But at the same time, this solar eclipse is going to bring you all the feelings. You’re going to be second guessing yourself and mulling over things for longer than usual.

Self meditation will get you through this month (read that again, would you? I said self meditation not medication). You’ll specifically find solace in active meditation, which is a physical activity followed by a couple minutes of stillness. So don’t skip out on the savasana at the end of your yoga class, and allow yourself some time to sit still either before or after your run. This practice will fulfill your goals for self-improvement (exercise? check. stretch session? check.) while also giving you the time to process your thoughts.


VIRGO — New Fitness Routine

Things are going to feel weird for you this month. You may be tense without knowing why and might experience drama with your lover during the full moon (don’t worry, you’ll both feel better once Mercury goes direct). Some days you’ll want to keep to yourself and others you’ll want to put yourself out there. In other words — you’re feeling off balance and desperately seeking harmony. 

Your wellness tip? On the days when you’re feeling anxious or highly energized, shake out those nerves by shaking things up. Try out a new fitness class, or take a new route on your jog. 

Don’t simply bottle up things up! Finding a new way to burn off that extra energy will help to keep you level. 


LIBRA — Yoga 

Well, well, well, look at you go. You are FEELING yourself this month! You’re just an energizer bunny all charged up from the solar eclipse, bounding from work to social events to life at home. You may be busy, but you’re alive and thriving! 

Of course, you make this all look easy. You know the effort it takes to keep your busy life in check. 

That means there’s no better time to get back into some yoga. (Squeeze more into your schedule? Yeah, I know you can figure this one out.) Yoga, with the thoughtful physicality and mental clarity it brings, will only reinforce the stability you need to succeed. You understand better than most the fine art of balancing it all, so be sure to keep practicing that tree pose.


SCORPIO — Social Night Out

Uranus is in retrograde and yes, dear Scorpio, it’s as vexing as it sounds. You may find yourself in tedious arguments more than normal this month, so clear communication is integral. 

On the 23rd, the sun will enter your house of friendships (yay!), so you’ll be craving time with people you actually WANT to hang with. Take the initiative! Organize a night out with friends. Make a reservation at a new restaurant and plan to go out afterwards. And here’s the truth — embrace that inner diva. Don’t feel pressured to invite people you don’t want to hang with. (Seriously, just don’t invite them.) You’ll be craving time with the people you actually have a karmic connection with, so go have some fun. 

A young man does a handstand in a field of yellow sunflowers, with just his feet sticking up above the flowers.
(Photo by Derek Thomson)

SAGITTARIUS — Home Detox  

Lucky you, Sagittarius, August is going to be a drama-free month. So embrace life and freedom, get lost on an adventure, know that not all who wander are lost, live laugh love, and… you know, all those other cheesy phrases you read on coffee mugs.

But heads up. This month’s full moon may make you feel a bit unsettled on the homefront. It’s time to detox your house and make it feel like home again.

Does your place need a proper clean? Ditch the chemicals and go for Mrs Meyer’s no-nonsense cleaning products. Tension with your roommates? Time to talk it out. Is your space feeling bare? Brighten up the place with plants that won’t die on you (at least not immediately).


CAPRICORN — Work/Life Balance

Capricorn, when it comes to the motto work hard play hard, you have become the exemplar. Specifically, you’re killing it at work and people are starting to notice, so don’t back down now. Make sure you’re finishing what you have to do before starting what you want to do. You dig? 

Stepping up you office wellness game will help keep you focused. Make sure you’re not sitting for hours at time — take a walk around the block and give yourself a proper lunch break. Make your desk a feel-good space with plants and personal touches. And squeeze in some physical activity like a workout class at lunch or desk yoga (this sounds a bit dorky, and it is… but still worth it).  


AQUARIUS — Express Yourself 

We’re coming into the dog days of summer and Aquarius, you may be feeling a little doggone tired. Sluggish, anxious — hey, it happens to us all. August will be a time for you to reflect, so it’s time to dust off that journal.

Embrace your inner Carrie Bradshaw. SERIOUSLY!!! If she couldn’t help but wonder, than so can you! A little “Dear diary” may feel cheesy, but it’ll help you suss things out. 

Not sure that writing your feelings down on paper is for you? Try out The Five Minute Journal, which has easy prompts to get you writing and help clear your mind when it becomes clouded. 


PISCES — Find Independence 

You’ve been feeling smothered by your relationships lately, so it’s time to catch your breath. That’s right — you’re taking yourself out on a date. 

Explore a new neighbourhood. Go for a drive to the countryside. Buy that fancy expensive latte. Which is cool, because Venus is entering your house of moolah and some funds will be coming your way. So you heard it here first. TREAT YO SELF. A little independence will go a long way in lifting you up. 

A young man stands in a field of pink flowers with his back turned, looking out at a farmer's field in the distance.
(Photo by Daniel Jensen)

ARIES — Self-Care

Get ready for the solar eclipse on the 11th because romance and sexy times are coming at ya! Dabbling in dating? Get ready for things to take a turn for the better. Flying solo? Put that energy from this solar eclipse into something bold and creative. 

Because when that full moon comes, you’re going to mellow out. I’m talking lazy days and down-time. Closer to the end of the month, self-care is going to be important. Don’t feel pressured to go out. Use that quiet time to unplug and meditate, or lather on a face maskand soak in the tub. You’re going to relish a few nights in.


TAURUS — Host A Dinner Party

With this month’s solar eclipse, you’re going to be one bubbly bull. Or should I say, sociaBULL? (There, I said it. I shouldn’t have said it. But I said it.) You’ll be breezing through work and wanting to put extra time in dressing up and hanging with friends. 

Use this abundance of energy to host your own dinner party. Socializing with friends while getting to show off some cooking skills will make you feel amazing. Just don’t let your horns get too big. You may find yourself getting a little snippy with people during this month’s full moon. So with that in mind, keep calm and party on you bull of energy. 


GEMINI — Get Out of Your Creative Comfort Zone

So, Gemini, you’ve been feeling a little bunged up lately. Not like that, but creatively. You can blame it on Mercury. He’s been hanging around your house of communication and messing with your ability to express yourself. So be thankful that Mercury is going direct. 

With the solar eclipse, expect a river ride of literary inspiration — wahooo! And with this flood of creative energy, push yourself. Get outside your comfort zone, whatever your outlet is. Stay up late to finish that personal project you’ve started. Give that open mic a go. Or enter your short story into this month’s Manrepeller’s Writer’s Club. You’ll feel better for it afterwards. 


CANCER — Sleep

The frustrations you’ve been experiencing this past month are finally starting to let up… but expect a bit of a hangover. You’re still going to feel tense at times, especially around your partner. But you know what, Cancer? When you feel that bad mood creep up, you’re free to go. And by go, I mean go to sleep.

Seriously. Get. To. Bed! You’ve earned it. Plus, extra sleep will help with mental clarity during these trying times. Just be sure to communicate to your partner that you need to catch up on some zzz’s before you can catch up on anything else. Honesty will be necessary for both of you to move forward this month.


(Header image by Daniel Jensen)