Get To Know: Sophie Bourdon, Founder of The Green Life

sophie bourdon

Sophie Bourdon is the fearless and free spirited entrepreneur behind The Green Life, a food and recipe blog and holistic skincare line. In this captivating chat, she discusses what prompted her to start her recently launched natural skincare line, how inspiration can be found in silence, and why a several week break from work and social media was one of the best decisions she’s ever made. 

This interview is a wakeup call for everyone. Among other things, Sophie reminds us to always work with a positive intention. We were definitely prompted to consider our own working habits. Are you doing something because you feel like you should, or because you really believe in it? When was the last time you considered the impact of your work on Mother Nature? Sophie may have been the interviewee, but get ready for her answers to inspire some big questions you’ll want to ask yourself. 

Q. The Green Life – why the name, what does it mean to you?

The Green Life is about reconnecting with everything that comes from the earth. It’s about remembering our close relationship with nature and to all living things. We’ve been totally disconnected in our modern world and western societies, that we’ve forgotten that we are all one. It’s about embracing that part of us and recognizing that the closer we can get to nature in our daily life — by eating plants, connecting with plants, using plant-based skincare, nourishing ourselves with anything that comes from the earth, we can reconnect with our inner radiance, joy and vibrancy.

"The moment we stop resisting our intuition and start trusting that it's here to guide us, magical things start to unfold."

Q. You’re such a muse when it comes to vibrant, delicious, plant-based cooking! What’s always in your fridge?

There’s always a ton of veggies! I’m really into green juices these days so I always stock up on celery and cucumber. You’ll always find some sort of leafy green: spinach and kale are my go-to. There will usually be some hummus for snacks, a block of tofu for dinners, and almond or oat milk. I store all of my nuts and seeds in the fridge too, so you can be sure to find every possible kind. I use them for making plant-based sauces, homemade nut milk, or crunchy toppings for my bowls and salads.

plant based salad

(Photo by Sophie Bourdon)

Q. You launched a new holistic skin care line (we’re in LOVE with the face balm – our winter skin saviour!!). What motivated you to branch out into this space from your successful career in recipe development and food photography?

As a teenager and during my entire twenties, I was completely obsessed with beauty and skincare products. I would spend hours at the drug store and hundreds of dollars each month to try every new product on the market. I was using the toxic kind back then, and it was only years later that I became more conscious of how I was nourishing my body: through my food, my thoughts and everything that I was applying on my skin. My journey with The Green Life started with food and recipe development, but I can see how everything is coming full circle with the holistic skincare and self-care line. It has always been a big part of me.

It was through a simple chat with one of my best friends, who happens to be an extraordinaire herbalist, that the idea for this line emerged. I would never have gone to a lab to have formulas created, but when she said she could create a line for us and with us, it was my dream collaboration come true. It has unfolded into the most beautiful and fulfilling partnership. I hope people can feel through our products the joy that we have had creating them.

“Honoring our bodies and our need to rest may seem counterproductive, but it will actually help us make better decisions, be more productive and be more aligned in the long run.”

Q. How are your products different from other non-toxic skin care products on the market?

I don’t see our line as skincare products in the clinical sense of it, but really more as tools for self-love and self-care. Everything is made by hand with so much love, using the most potent plants, flowers, oils, and essential oils. Every ingredient is chosen and sourced mindfully. We infuse our products with flower essences, crystal elixirs, and moon and sun waters that are created by us through sacred rituals.

Everything we create comes from a place of pure intention and carries a dose of magic and mysticism. We never go into creation or production if we’re in a bad mood. Every product carries an energy, and I strongly believe that the intention we put into it is just as potent as the ingredients themselves.

Because of all of this, our products are very high vibration. They help to assist us holistically: mind, body, soul. They’re so much more than skincare. They’re beautiful tools of support and nourishment that contribute to elevating our spirit as much as our bodies. I want people to realize that everything they welcome into their temple has a vibration. The higher it is, the better they will be able to raise their own vibration and become more whole, vibrant and balanced.

green skin care

(Photo by Sophie Bourdon)

Q. You recently took a several week break from social media, blogging and work in general, a break that you described as being fuelled by a need to BE versus DO. What did you experience and learn stepping away from your business and just letting it BE? In what ways do you approach things differently now

This break was something that my intuition strongly asked me to do, and it’s been one of the most rewarding things I ever did for myself and my business. It made me realize that I was often operating from a place of “should” in my work, as opposed to a place or pure love and inspiration. I meditated a lot during that time and observed myself a lot, my patterns, my limiting beliefs and the way I manage my business.

I can now see clearly that on many levels, I was unconsciously running from a place of “doing, hustling” all the time. Action is great and necessary, but we also need to bring back balance by learning to BE at some point. Honoring our bodies and our need to rest may seem counterproductive, but it will actually help us make better decisions, be more productive and be more aligned in the long run.

Q. What inspires you? What do you do when you feel a lack of inspiration?

Nature is a big source of inspiration. Meditation is also a precious tool for me. When I feel stuck or uninspired, I sit still and meditate; the best ideas emerge from silence.

Sophie bourdon

(Photo by Sara-Maude Ravenelle)

Q. What’s one recent trend or change that worries you?

I honestly don’t get bothered by trends or changes in the industry very much. I just do my thing and know that the right people will find me. Change is part of what life is about and the moment we start to embrace change instead of resisting it, everything becomes so much more effortless.

Q. Dream dinner guest and why?

I’ve been obsessed with Dr. Joe Dispenza lately. I recently discovered his work about the mind-body connection, the quantum field and how we can re-train our minds to completely change our reality. I’m fascinated by his work and would love to have him over and chat about all of it.

Q. Coffee, tea, elixir or other?

Cappuccino with plant-based milk.


(Photo by Sara-Maude Ravenelle)

Q.What’s your guilty pleasure?

Dark chocolate! I literally eat it every day and couldn’t live without it. It’s pure medicine for my soul. It makes my heart and my cells happy!

Q. What’s one piece of advice you would give any entrepreneur?

Follow your gut, trust your intuition. My intuition has been guiding me at every step of the way and thanks to it, I always know I’m supported and on the right path. Some decisions I had to make in my business didn’t make sense to my rational mind, but deep down in my heart, I know they brought me closer to having the aligned, authentic, soul-centered business that I’ve always wanted to have. The moment we stop resisting our intuition and start trusting that it’s here to guide us, magical things start to unfold.

I’d add to that: do YOU. Forget about what everyone else is doing. You have something absolutely unique to bring to the table, that no one else can do. Your product or idea might not be new or revolutionary, but your colour and your voice is. The way you will choose to express it is unique. Embrace your authenticity. Even if it’s scary. It’s your secret weapon. True success and true fulfillment comes from being unapologetically us.