Get Sculpted Shoulders with This One Exercise

sculpted shoulders workout

Shoulder exercises aren’t just for aesthetically toned arms (although, who doesn’t want arms like Michelle Obama?). Working out your shoulders also helps to counteract the time spent hunched over computers and cell phones. Lateral raises are a great way to target the deltoid muscles, a muscle group that covers the outside of the shoulder. Strengthening these muscles helps to protect the shoulder joint and prevent injury.

Coach Josh from Graham Wellness guides us through dumbbell lateral raises — one of the best shoulder strengthening exercises. With a slight bend at your elbow, raise your arms just up past the shoulder. You should feel this exercise in the outside of your shoulder. If you’re finding the move challenging, Coach Josh suggests performing the exercise with a small bounce  to help raise your arms. Ultimately, as you continue practicing this move, you’ll be able to perform these lateral raises without the additional momentum.