Build Stronger Arms with Hex Curls

hex curl bicep

Bicep curls have gotten a bad rap recently. Some pin them as a futile exercise that’s purely for aesthetics — however, biceps are pretty important! We use them anytime we execute a pulling motion, from opening doors to grabbing bags. They also help to keep us stable when carrying heavy items, like lugging groceries to the car or when we’ve packed absolutely everything into a purse. We use our biceps everyday, and a curl helps to keep them strong.

When looking for an exercise to target the biceps, Coach Josh from Graham Wellness swaps out a traditional bicep curl for hex curls. This move requires only one weight and works out both biceps at the same time. Coach Josh says that the trick for this exercise is squeezing the dumbbell between your hands as if you were trying to crush it. Creating this pressure as you go through your reps helps to work the inside of your bicep and will get you the most out of this exercise.