14 Sweet Ways to Eat More ‘Shrooms

joya adaptogenic elixir

When it comes to edible mushrooms, we think most are pretty magical. That said, there are some mushrooms that really soar above the rest when it comes to health benefits. In honor of Day of the Mushroom, we’re celebrating functional (aka medicinal) mushrooms.

This is a class of mushroom known for their adaptogenic qualities — that is, their ability to increase the body’s resistance to stress. On top of that, they can also optimize other physiological systems in the body. Depending on the mushroom they’ve been shown to promote immunity and relaxation, enhance cognitive function and energy, and more.

Functional mushrooms are becoming more and more available in ready-to-use tinctures and powders. We’re partial to the latter because powders can easily be added to food. Many mix them into their morning coffee, but why stop there? The convenience of having mushrooms as a powder means they’re super easy to add to just about any recipe. So why not elevate your breakfasts and supercharge those baked goods? We’ve got all the recipe inspo you need right here.

We’re sharing 14 recipes that incorporate our favourite functional mushrooms. All of them sweet, nourishing, and oh-so indulgent you won’t even believe you’re eating mushrooms.


calming, adaptogenic

Coconut Cacao Bliss Balls

You’re one bite away from pure bliss.

coconut balls reishi mushroom
(Photo from Local Milk)
Chocolate Donuts

These are the epitome of “donut worry, be happy.”

chocolate donuts with reishi
(Photo from Seasons Healings)
Almond Butter Swirl Chocolate Cups

Nut butter, chocolate and reishi have given ménage à trois a whole new meaning.

almond butter cups
(Photo from Natural and Nurtured)
Bliss Latte

One word of advice? Enjoy this immediately.

adaptogenic bliss latte
(Photo by Laura Wright)


immunity support, antioxidant, adaptogenic

Chocolate Tahini Cookies

The perfect blend of chocolate, chaga, and chewy cookie perfection.

chocolate chaga tahini cookies
(Photo from Living Minnaly)
Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding

Chaga turns this sweet treat into an immune boosting breakfast!

Chocolate chia seed pudding topped with nut butter, coconut whipped cream, shredded coconut and blackberries
(Photo by Beth Bierema)
Double Chocolate Cocoa

Double the chocolate, double the goodness.

A mug of double chocolate chaga coca topped with dried rose petals, next to two white crystals.
(Photo from Whole Hearted Eats)

Lion’s Mane:

cognitive support, adaptogenic

Coconut Matcha Protein Energy Balls

Pro Tip: For an extra brain boost, add some lion’s mane to these matcha fueled bites.

Two white bowls of coconut matcha protein energy balls
(Photo by Jass Stupak
White Chocolate Matcha Elixir

Trust us, this mushroom likes white chocolate just as much as you do.

A frothy white chocolate matcha elixir next to a spoon of matcha powder.
(Photo from The Joya Life)
Hazelnut Espresso Brownies

Add a scoop of lion’s mane for some mushroom-espresso double focus action!

Homemade gluten-free hazelnut espresso brownies cut into squares and topped with chopped hazelnuts.
(Photo from The Joya Life)


energy support, adaptogenic

Hot Cocoa

All the energy of a caffeine buzz — without the caffeine.

Homemade Cordyceps hot cocoa surrounded by Cordyceps in a jar and healthy breakfast of avocado toast and fruit.
(Photo from The First Mess)
Double Rose Brownies

Just 1 tablespoon of cordyceps powder is all you need to turn these into the ultimate flower power pre-workout snack!

Grain-free double rose brownies cut into square and topped with a sprinkling of dried rose petals.
(Photo by Natalia Vanthienen)

Pick Your ‘Shroom

Sweet Potato Chocolate Pudding

Who knew mushrooms could hide in such a velvety bowl of chocolate?

Quick sweet potato chocolate pudding made with adaptogenic mushroom powders and topped with cacao nibs.
(Photo from Golubka Kitchen)

Life Changing Adaptogenic Coffee Latte

Mushrooms are life changing in every recipe, and this latte is no exception.

Adaptogenic fuel coffee made with functional mushroom powders, raw coca powder, coconut cream, and topped with dried lavender buds.
(Photo from Will Frolic For Food)
(Header image by Laura Wright)