Iced wellness latte made with Joya’s Focus matcha functional elixir blend with mushrooms, adaptogens and botanicals
Iced wellness latte made with Joya’s Focus matcha functional elixir blend with mushrooms, adaptogens and botanicals

our food

If you’re like us, you want to be healthy and feel good. You want the environment to flourish. You want nutrient-dense, ingredient-driven food and beverages. And we don’t even need to mention that it should taste phenomenal. A globetrotting palate made with functional, wholesome ingredients to nourish you, body and spirit. No glum granola or boring bars, we promise.

Food is our daily connection to the earth. We are here to make that connection nourishing and joyful. Joya is the lovechild of chefs, bakers and nutritionists that are bent on making healthy an indulgence.

Joya’s gluten-free, grain-free and paleo granola in a mason jar

Our Promise To You

Our Toronto-made food is always full of love and the highest quality, wholesome ingredients, and is 100% free of gluten, refined sugars and preservatives.

Our Mission

We bring people together with food:

/ By inviting you to enjoy local ingredients.

/ By cooking food that incites sharing.

/ By creating joyful moments.

/ By living our values of sustainability.

Breakfast spread with berries, grain-free paleo granola and yogurt, gluten-free blueberry scones and pumpkin loaf

Our Community

We collaborate with local farmers, artisans and producers to create wholesome, vibrant foods. From beekeepers and millers to tea blenders, coffee roasters and chocolate makers, all the richness of our region makes for the unexpected experience of Joya. This is our community, and we can’t wait for you to be a part of it.

Joya’s founder, Ruth Elnekave, mixing dough for scones
Joya’s founder, Ruth Elnekave, baking gluten-free blueberry scones
Joya’s founder, Ruth Elnekave, cutting gluten-free blueberry scones

our story

I remember watching my grandmother Joya, who I resemble immensely in both appearance and attitude, roll cinnamon, walnut and date filled crescent cookies with so much care and passion. With every meal, with every delicacy she served, she delighted in the joy we experienced.

Before working at cafes, interning at a food magazine and studying culinary arts and holistic nutrition, I already had a deep, deep connection to food.

My parents immigrated from Israel to Canada and brought with them traditions and recipes, rooted in family history and always full of bright, fresh flavors. Meals were cooked from scratch, and on holidays, our home was filled with guests and the intoxicating smell of freshly baked challah. I spent summers in my parents’ homeland eating freshly picked lychee, figs and avocado. Israel being an extraordinary cultural crossroads, I delighted in the culinary traditions of Morocco, Iran, Iraq, Spain and Yemen, Eastern and Western Europe, to name only a few.

Despite this inspiration, I pursued a career in law but found myself longing for the simple joys. I craved a life grounded by the daily pleasure of savouring and sharing food. It wasn’t until this awakening that I truly reconnected with my culinary roots. I’ve expanded on what I learned at my grandmother’s and mother’s sides by getting into kitchens, professional and personal, all over the world. I have let my curiosity and my hunger be my guides.

I love the traditional foods of my youth but I’ve never been compelled to replicate what is already being done. Instead, my experiences have allowed me to cultivate my own culinary style and techniques, and have sparked the love affair with ingredients that inspire Joya’s ever changing, seasonally-inspired offerings.

How alive I felt the first time I tried tahini in the warmth of the Israeli sun, tasting perfectly prepared Arrabiata in Rome or learning to make coconut-black sesame dumplings in an open-air kitchen in Koh Samui — and sharing that adventure with you, is what gives me true joy. Our plant-forward, nourishing food is the purest expression of that joy. From Savta (grandma) Joya’s kitchen to the kitchen of Joya, I am proud to be on this journey with you.

Ruth Elnekave
Founder, Joya & The Joya Life